Friday, January 9, 2009

A Little Bit About Myself

I am going to take this post in a direction slightly away from eHow, for I think it's necessary for you, the wonderful viewing audience, to see who I am.

I am Jeff Beer, 22, male, from Pittsburgh PA. (Ya, I just did A/S/L)
I am in my senior year of college, majoring in Philosophy with emphasis in Psychology, and in May '09 I will be officially done with college.

... a standard introduction, but, there is WAY to more it. And hopefully, you can take some time read about me. My life. My story.

While I have been blessed with friends, family, loved ones who will support me no matter what... from triumphs to my dumbest choices, I am in a challenge, a personal hurdle. I am in a dilemma that includes me, myself, and I.

I have been in the process of trying to figure life out (aren't we all always in this process though?). I could/can be anything I want, I could/can do and accomplish whatever is physically, mentally, emotionally possible. What gets at me is that I have had so many resources at my disposal, right at my fingertips... all that could have been professional contacts/connections to very successful business opportunities to once-in-a-life experiences. While I took some of those opportunities, I did not utilize as much as I should have. While I have changed my major, a symbol of my career and who I am suppose to become, 4 times (Music Industry to Special Ed./Elementary Ed. dual major to Psychology Counseling and Philosophy to Philosophy with Emphasis in Psychology) ... I am preparing myself for what I want to do, want to be.

In reality, I should have decided on this years ago... but the Real World is not so real.

So now, presently, I am trying to make something for myself. A career. A lifestyle. Definition for who I am. I am very self-intellectualizing, and I love being eclectic. Recently, I have adopted Edison's 'Light Bulb' Philosophy... for I didn't find one major, one career, or one lifestyle, RATHER I found 3 majors/careers/lifestyles that didn't work for me.

As I have grown with a family that instilled a character of hard-work and that you can get anything you want, achieve any dream... that is what exactly I will do. While many throw disbelief and pessimism at me, that my challenge may be too difficult to accomplish, I turn that into motivation... to prove them wrong. My goal, my dream, is to create a career and lifestyle that adopts everything... a very entrepreneurial spirit and method. With this, I want to create businesses, both online and brick-and-mortar. I want to write articles, essays, books, ebooks on topics on extreme spectrum. I want to create the art that has been burning inside of me for years. I want to discuss, think, and help others. I want to do it all. I want to be known as someone who was able to think AND act.

In a way (as most of these stories' morals go), the experiences I learned these last years have been almost over-compensating for what I missed out on, the opportunities I didn't take, and this is something I should be thankful for.

Don't take this post as a sympathetic beg, or think that this is a poor attempt to rub my ego onto you. Rather, actually take time to think about this, my story. I am just trying to tell you not how I failed, but rather HOW I WILL SUCCEED.

I don't care if your 30 years older or younger than me. It's a lesson that I think we all pass off too much, I think we all get off the path every now and then, which is fine... in fact needed occasionally, but the real personal challenge is how we get back on it. Personally, I think we all have grown lazier mentally and physically every day... and those that are most happy are the ones who have understood this, and overcame it.

So, I hope I inspired. Made someone actually stop their world for a second or two, and helped you create a thought, a belief... that anyone can rise. Anyone can do anything. Whether it be in success or failure is not of importance, rather it is within the attempt that is of essence. As well, I hope that you have come to see my true self. I think the internet creates a split personality, and an inability to see our true selves, and with that I have shed my 'internet skin'.

If anyone has been interested of my personal stories, I would love to further my story through my other blog: The Meta-Entrepreneur (

On this blog, I mix posts from 'How to succeed on the internet' to personal stories like this one'. I think there are too many 'black and white' blogs... that are either business/work/success based OR are completely 'Dairy-esque'. So on that note, I hope you can keep reading my blogs, find interest, and take something from them.

Thanks for reading.


Jessie said...

I can identify with your need for a cohesive lifestyle, career: everything in perfect balance! It took me to my fifth business to discover just what I wanted to do. I had to unearth my passions and reinvent/rediscover so many things I put "should not" on. I obsess over every inch of my lifestyle, truly, and had to get it all into place.

I wish you well in your journey. As you will notice, I am now following your blog. I intend to continue wishing you well!

Cadence said...

Just coming by to say hello to a fellow eHow fanatic. :)

Jeff Beer said...

Thanks everyone for such warm support.