Friday, January 30, 2009

Wrap-up of January 2009

Good morning to all! I hope that January has been a warm welcome during this cold month. As it seems that 2009 is going full-speed, I felt that I have had an unusually large amount of down-time... something I haven't truly had in years. While I was working hard on eHow and my freelance writin, this down-time has allowed me to get back into my creative self, and with that I have accumulated numerous great ideas that I am certainly excited to announce in the near future! Some being career-related, and others being more artistic hobbies... but nonetheless January has been a great time to think, wonder, and meditate (it is safe to say that coffee also played a vital role as well).

But now I want to focus this bit towards my 'eHow' goals. Here is what my goals were back on New Year's Day:

1.) Have written 1,000 articles by end of the 2009 years.
2.) Make a $1,000 month by March ( I got 3 months to give that done, oh boy!)
3.) Make eHow writing a steady income, thus making it a full-time job.

So, how is the progress? Not sure, I must say. I have passed the '100 article' mlestone... and while I wanted to announce it in the eHow forum, I decided not to. Why is this? Simply because I knew I could (well, should) have had those 100 articles written back in December. As well, I noticed that everyone and their mother (this can be both figuratively OR actually :P) announces their milestones, so I feel it has become a bit mundain.

Even more, I am a bit inconclusive in my progress report because my earnings are lower than Decembers (I still have a day or two to match or beat Dec.'s earnings... so keep your fingers crossed!)
Another bit of a bummer is the eHow's management lack of consistency in updates. Don't get me wrong I understand how much of a PAIN that is... but it has tested my patience for sure. Hopefully February will be a kinder month in that regard. :)

So, going into the new year, I may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew... but I have a big mouth, and an even bigger appetite... so I'm not going to back down from the challenge. Almost majority of my articles are over a month old, so I am looking forward to seeing this 'ripening' effect that all the veteran eHowers talk about.

Overall, I must say that eHow IS a full-time job, no matter what my earnings are, I can always depend on eHow to bring me success, month after month... I hope eHow does the same for you!


p.s.- I am going to start a little program for interested writers on this blog in February! It is going to tackle all the questions that I have found throughout my time as an eHow writer, but I will also get into discussions covering freelance writing to keyword research to marketing to working on the internet in general! So, please keep reading the How To World blog... I am deeply humbled by your support!

Friday, January 16, 2009

eHow Landmarks: Inspiritation to all eHow Writers

This past week has come with blistering, mind-numbing chills (it seems that January is the new December, at least for Pennsylvania). However, along with the cold, cold winter came some announcements from eHow writers, with landmarks that will warm up anyone's spirits!

While I'd love to mention the numerous eHow writers who have written 100 articles, or passed their $100 or 200 goals indivudually, this blog would be longer than a phone book :)

However, the following is an amazing feat that does indeed need great recognition:

Jerrie Dean, an eHow writer since 2007, has written over 450 (465 last time I checked) articles. Recently, Jerrie stated a true milestone of passing... 1,001,999 views!!!

This has generated quite a buzz in the eHow forums, and it has certainly brought a reality check to all of us eHow writers: beyond the earnings, beyond the statistics, beyond the hard work... people READ eHow articles. EHOW IS REAL. Even more, the goals you want to reach through eHow is indeed possible!

Understanding that over one million people have read one, single writer's work is something to behold! I had the pleasure of chatting with Jerrie, wanting to get to understand this amazing feat a little bit better:

Me: What motivates you to write?

Jerrie: I have always been a writer since I was a kid. I never have been much of a talker, so being able to write gives me an outlet. It is so much easier for me to type out a paragraph than it is for me to think of small talk. I am also able to be creative with words and I love words and am humbled by how a paragraph can make someone laugh or cry. Plus, I love to teach piano and I basically just love to help other's learn, and I am able to do that online and reach thousands of people. That's motivation right there for me. I think most any successful eHower is a teacher at heart.

Me: Personally, why do you think you reached 1,000,000... something that I'm guessing no one has achieved?

Jerrie: I don't believe I am the first to reach one million views, but I can tell you that I believe it was a combination of many things. I consistently wrote 5 times a week, at least one if not two articles a day for over a year. I participated in the forums and commented on other's articles. I made sure that my articles were well written and informative and not just something I put out there to make a quick buck. I continuely try to stay ahead of the curve on current topics which I believe helped me to get noticed by the media and would get me on the top 10 eHow list, all which helped me dramatically with my views.

So, again I love bringing news, inspiration and motivation to all of us eHow writers... and while the journey of writing, whether it be pen and paper or internet based, professional contract or freelance liesure, writing is a carousel... going round and round, up and down.

Just remind yourself every now and then of why you got on the carousel, for the enjoyment of the ride.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

eHowlity: 4 - The Official Jeff Beer Article Program

I decided to share my eHow process with others, whether you want to adopt or adapt my system is absolutely fine! After all, every writer has their own preferences... however I find that the more you stick with the program, the better off you will be.

So, it's my pleasure to announce The Official Jeff Beer Article Program!

The JBAP is going to take you through steps towards the goal of maximizing your earning potential from your work. As writers, our success is based on efficiency and effectiveness in your output. However, many people find themselves in dilemmas, and that lack of experience, understanding, or GUIDANCE is the reason for failure.

Since this is the first JBAP, I'm going to simply break down what the future JBAP sessions will look like:

1.) Getting started, and getting over the first hurdles.
2.) The Creative Process: How to Balance Fun with Work
3.) Write from your heart, and from your brain!
4.) Focus, focus, focus! (How to write 100 articles per month. NO EXCUSES!)
5.) Marketing your Work: Articles that sell themselves.
6.) Managing your Writing Career & the Synergistic Process
7.) Beyond eHow

So, as you see, there will be 7 sessions, and each one will be certainly a must-read for any writer! To conclude the First JBAP, I want every writer to take 5 minutes, and with a pen and 3 pieces of paper, make 3 lists (if you haven't figured it out yet, I love lists :D).
- List One, write all the things that you want to achieve... that's right, EVERY GOAL, DREAM, ACCOMPLISHMENT you want at this moment.
- List Two, write everything that holds you back from accomplishing these GOAL, DREAM, ACCOMPLISHMENT, etc.
- List Three, have SOMEONE ELSE write a list of your Strengths & Weaknesses.

Do your Homework, and have it ready for Session 1!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

eHow Spotlight 4

This eHow Spotlight goes to...

Shirley Philbrick! (

Shirley is a great eHow writer! I don't know where to begin... she is always so kind and humorous throughout the eHow forum. Even more, she'll never hesitate to lend some advice out to her fellow ehowers! After reading one of Shirley's many articles, you will want to read more! Her style is informative, yet enjoyable

So, here are some of my favorite article's of Shriley:

How to Get an Inside Look at Earning Money on eHow (Probably her best work, in my opinion. As well, this is one of her numerous eHow based articles)

How to Continue Writing When You're Tired (Another great article, and it truly was a benefit to read!)

How to Make it a Great Day ! (A random pick, I must admit. However, this article exemplifies Shirley's style... she knows how to mix information into an enjoyable read!)

So, thanks for being a great writer Shirley!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

eHowlity: 4 Make the Most from Writing for eHow

I don't want to speak as a 'Say all, Be all' type... but I noticed that numerous eHowers are in need of some guidance. Whether you have been on eHow a year more than myself, or just created your account tonight, be sure to take these notes, and make something from it.

I have found that eHow and I are partners to love/hate relationship. eHow is awesome for potential income (I still refuse to use any other article websites), and I write as many quality articles as possible, with an occassional humorous how-to here and there. However, I go to check my stats, and find that nothing gets updated. So, I get mad at eHow, and start living my life... and THEN, eHow teases me back by giving me some updated earnings.

While I am certain that this accounts for 99% of other eHowers... everyone handles the situation differently.

Here are some pointers for all of us eHow writer's:

1.) Worry/focus more on writing than earning. Check your views, $ earned, and all those other stats once AND ONLY ONCE a day. If the stats aren't updated, then check tomorrow.
2.) Write about what you enjoy, NOT about what will EARN MORE. I learned this lesson when I wrote freelance for some website... I wrote hundreds of content articles on topics I wasn't familiar with, but knew the money would be good. The result? I got burned out, and was happy when I ended my contract.
3.) Read other writer's work. Yes, reading helps you out too. It's amazing that somehow writer's have stopped reading all the sudden, as if reading another eHower's how to's will hurt your earnings? Reading enlightens you with what works, what doens't work, and how you can adapt your writing style.

So, hope these tips help you out... and remember that it's all about enjoying what you do! It's almost like karma, if you love what you do, it will love you back :) As well, if you read other's work, others will read your work.

Stay warm,

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Little Bit About Myself

I am going to take this post in a direction slightly away from eHow, for I think it's necessary for you, the wonderful viewing audience, to see who I am.

I am Jeff Beer, 22, male, from Pittsburgh PA. (Ya, I just did A/S/L)
I am in my senior year of college, majoring in Philosophy with emphasis in Psychology, and in May '09 I will be officially done with college.

... a standard introduction, but, there is WAY to more it. And hopefully, you can take some time read about me. My life. My story.

While I have been blessed with friends, family, loved ones who will support me no matter what... from triumphs to my dumbest choices, I am in a challenge, a personal hurdle. I am in a dilemma that includes me, myself, and I.

I have been in the process of trying to figure life out (aren't we all always in this process though?). I could/can be anything I want, I could/can do and accomplish whatever is physically, mentally, emotionally possible. What gets at me is that I have had so many resources at my disposal, right at my fingertips... all that could have been professional contacts/connections to very successful business opportunities to once-in-a-life experiences. While I took some of those opportunities, I did not utilize as much as I should have. While I have changed my major, a symbol of my career and who I am suppose to become, 4 times (Music Industry to Special Ed./Elementary Ed. dual major to Psychology Counseling and Philosophy to Philosophy with Emphasis in Psychology) ... I am preparing myself for what I want to do, want to be.

In reality, I should have decided on this years ago... but the Real World is not so real.

So now, presently, I am trying to make something for myself. A career. A lifestyle. Definition for who I am. I am very self-intellectualizing, and I love being eclectic. Recently, I have adopted Edison's 'Light Bulb' Philosophy... for I didn't find one major, one career, or one lifestyle, RATHER I found 3 majors/careers/lifestyles that didn't work for me.

As I have grown with a family that instilled a character of hard-work and that you can get anything you want, achieve any dream... that is what exactly I will do. While many throw disbelief and pessimism at me, that my challenge may be too difficult to accomplish, I turn that into motivation... to prove them wrong. My goal, my dream, is to create a career and lifestyle that adopts everything... a very entrepreneurial spirit and method. With this, I want to create businesses, both online and brick-and-mortar. I want to write articles, essays, books, ebooks on topics on extreme spectrum. I want to create the art that has been burning inside of me for years. I want to discuss, think, and help others. I want to do it all. I want to be known as someone who was able to think AND act.

In a way (as most of these stories' morals go), the experiences I learned these last years have been almost over-compensating for what I missed out on, the opportunities I didn't take, and this is something I should be thankful for.

Don't take this post as a sympathetic beg, or think that this is a poor attempt to rub my ego onto you. Rather, actually take time to think about this, my story. I am just trying to tell you not how I failed, but rather HOW I WILL SUCCEED.

I don't care if your 30 years older or younger than me. It's a lesson that I think we all pass off too much, I think we all get off the path every now and then, which is fine... in fact needed occasionally, but the real personal challenge is how we get back on it. Personally, I think we all have grown lazier mentally and physically every day... and those that are most happy are the ones who have understood this, and overcame it.

So, I hope I inspired. Made someone actually stop their world for a second or two, and helped you create a thought, a belief... that anyone can rise. Anyone can do anything. Whether it be in success or failure is not of importance, rather it is within the attempt that is of essence. As well, I hope that you have come to see my true self. I think the internet creates a split personality, and an inability to see our true selves, and with that I have shed my 'internet skin'.

If anyone has been interested of my personal stories, I would love to further my story through my other blog: The Meta-Entrepreneur (

On this blog, I mix posts from 'How to succeed on the internet' to personal stories like this one'. I think there are too many 'black and white' blogs... that are either business/work/success based OR are completely 'Dairy-esque'. So on that note, I hope you can keep reading my blogs, find interest, and take something from them.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Quick eHow Experience Update

First off, I must say thank you to all of my new readers, since I know that 99.99% of you are from eHow itself... this is the best support I could have for this particular blog! Why? ...because this blog is purposed for YOU!!! :) So, thank you so much for this support, comments, praise, etc. I am certainly going to keep focus on this blog.... whether it makes nothing or thousands of dollars, sharing my experience on eHow with you is priceless ( that was rather Hallmark-esque).

Anyways, I just wanted to give a little progress report on my eHow success and experience:

Well, it's been almost seven full days into the new year... so technically it is by default a full week in my eyes :P So how have I been doing? The best way to dscribe my progress, here is a comprison from 12/31/08, and then today's (1/7/09):

Articles Written: 56
Article Views: 2,397
Earnings in December $20.46


Articles Written: 85

Article Views: 2,397
Earnings in January $2.57

*Those views haven't been updated since the 8th Grade Picnik... so I am sure my views are WAY HIGHER. as you can see, I increased my articles by almost 30. As well, my daily earning average dropped a good bit, mainly because I had a New Year's article that was my main earner. As well, I should state that I have a TON of articles in draft (almost 200 to be exact). I know that this is not a good thing, for I should just work one article at a time, then get it into Google/eHow system ASAP to maximize earning... but I am wanting to make the most quality out of each article, and would sacrifice a few pennies now to make a few dollars later. :) (I think I'm going to quote that from now on!)

I am still being optimistic, in that I know the eHow earnings takes time... but I have high expectations for myself. I want to make $10/day... at the least. No matter what I earn, I will have to keep writing solid articles, and just let them run its course. I guess I could do some marketing for them, but that's not in my philosophy right now.

So, outside of eHow, I have been launching some new stuff. I am always looking to start some new ideas, for life is always about new things and experiencing as much as possible, right? :) (it is BRAND NEW, so don't be alarmed if you absolutely nothing on it)

I am always using my philosophy background to test new ideas, and I want to see how people will act on a humanitarian level right now, in the current economic struggles we all face. While I know that we all range in incomes, many people still keep giving, no matter what! So, The Donate Experiment will be my project, form which I ask for donations of nothing more than $1.00 (USD) *Though, if you REALLY want to donate more, then be my guest :) However, I want to see how this project will result... and I will announce daily progress reports of the experiment, so everyone can see what is going on. As well, the more success, by more donations, I receive, the more possibilities will open up on the blog.

Sounds interesting? I think so, and look forward to seeing what will happen! :)

Success or failure, it's going to open some eyes to us all.

Again visit the link above, or here (

So, thanks again for the support, and hope you will find interest in the new project!


ps- Check out the Latest eHow Spotlight! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

eHow Spotlight 3

Another eHow Spotlight!


Priding her self as a mom of 2, she is an excellent writer for exercise topics!
Here is a list of articles I have thoroughly enjoyed of jkmom2007s.

How to Choose a Running Route (I personally found it as an informative article, for I am a runner myself :D)

How to Save Money at The Grocery Store (We all need to learn to do this nowadays)

How to Find a New Job When You're Not Looking (a very cleverly written article)

So, as one could see she is an awesome writer, coming up with some very useful topics for the How To. While she may be new to eHow, I foresee her making an impact towards the community! :)

Until next time,

eHow Spotlight 2

The second eHow spotlight goes to:

Christen Henderson!!!

Christen has the qualities for a very successful eHow writer! What amazes me (which helped her seal the deal to get the Spotlight) is that she can produce articles in quality AND quantity!

Some of my favorite articles of Christen's:

How to Take Control Of Your Life (brand new article, but AWESOME!!!)

How to Produce Quality Articles Faster (another must read article)

How to Advertise your Article For More Views (this is an article that all eHow writers should use! Simply written, but very effective)

I have personally chatted with Christen here and there, and it's always fun and interesting. Not to be rude, but I have a feeling that she will be (if not already) a top earner on eHow. With over a hundred quality articles, it would not surprise me.
So, go check out Christen and see why she deserves some spotlight :)


eHowlity: 3 - Getting Over the Hurdles

You can imply from the title where I am going to venture into :)

Lately, eHow has provided some challenges for all of us writers... whether it be the delays in earning or views, or recommendations disappearing, it can be frustrating.

*Writers new AND old pay attention!*
No matter what, do not focus on the stressors and setbacks!! You have to understand that this is just something that happens. What is the true task that you need to focus on is the the writing itself! Too many people have a minor setback, but turn it into a MAJOR setback!

Focusing on these negativity only will fire back at you! Think about it, you keep on refreshing and venting about how you cannot get your views fixed (I know, for I have done this before)... next thing you know you go on the forum to vent, and about 10 minutes later you accomplished nothing... and most likely you are still angry.

WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE: Tell yourself "no worry, eHow will eventually fix this problem, I better just start writing on my articles until the situation is settled."

So, let's say you found your views have been frozen since last year *cough, cough* know what you do? You overlook it! Yes, it is incredibly helpful to physically see an increase in views. However, in writing reality... does it matter? Just simply tell yourself "Now I don't have to waste my time seeing what my views are... let's start writing self!"

I really do not want to say this, but it is SO true: YOU ARE YOUR BIGGEST HURDLE!

On that note, stay focused and keep writing! Setbacks happen to us all, everyday. It is up to you to choose the right action.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ehow Spotlight!

Today's eHow Spotlight is...


If you're the copy/paste type of person:

*Click to view her eHow profile!*
My personal favorite How-To article is: How to Make 2009 your Best Year Ever and How to Show Love to your Wife ...they are newer articles, but great ones nonetheless!

An incredibly talented writer, she has such a friendly personality. It is a treat to read anything she puts on the forums, and I am certain I am not the only ehower to praise about this wonderful writer! :)

I am certain that if you haven't met Kathy on eHow, you are missing out on some great articles, and probably a good forum conversation as well.

Again, go check out her work via the link above.

You want to be the next eHow Spotlight? Just be you, and if you catch my eye... well you get the idea ;)

Until next time!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

How I will make money from eHow... and so can you!

These last couple of days have been a mixture of both work and goal-setting. ...I'll admit, maybe I have been thinking a bit more than taking action, but I have found so much new and wonderful information, that I just have been amazed and excited to learn!

I have been reading and learning so much from these blogs by eHow writers: (ehow member: TheWriteGuy) (ehow member: WriterGig) (ehow member: Christen Henderson)

...there are a ton of useful, interesting blogs based from other eHowers, but the above are by far the best! :)
Writergig and WriteGuy is incredibly insightful, and I am using these two blogs as guides to my success. Christen's blog brings a sense a personality from her blog; something that I think this blog does too!

Anyways, I have been trying to launch several projects, eager to get 2009 rolling. There's so much to do, but so little time... and I will have to be sure to stay focused, organized, and stick to a schedule.

On a little note, I am a bit bummed out, because my earnings have fallen down a bit. The reason for this is that I was lucky enough to have had How to Make New Year's Eve Party Food make me almost a dollar a day, in fact it made me $7 one day, and $10 another! Now, the article has run it's course (for now, hopefully) and the earnings have been a couple pennies.

Nonetheless, I am happy that this happened in a way, because I know that I cannot depend on simply one article... and that old fashioned moral to NEVER TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED rang through again today!

Feel free to share your blog, or say whatever is on your mind!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

eHowlity: 2

This post is going to play the numbers game for those eHowers that are trying to set some new 2009 goals. The calculations to follow will be based on three main factors: number of articles written, daily earning, and earning for article.

Just before we begin, the average click from ads on eHow articles will vary, but I have noticed at least $.02/clicked ad... and thus that will serve as our minimum standard with the calculations. (If you have different stats on $/clicked ad, then feel free to use those numbers)

1.) 100 articles:
This is the most realistic out of all possibilities, but actually requires the most work. Why is that? For you need to make certainty that each article is being viewed to as many people as possible. As well, you want these articles to have the best possible keywords, tags, etc. So, if you do write and promote well enough, you could make minimum 100 x .02 = $2/day ($60/month) ... I know, that's not much for all the effort, but if you did the promoting, and highest possible quality articles, then you could expect to see at least $.20 per article. 100 x .20 = $20/day ($600/month). That look's a lot more enticing, and worth your time.

2.) 200 articles:
Again, a realistic possibility, but you need to need to still focus on solid promoting. So, let's say you are a hard-worker, follow the same method as you did with the first 100 articles. 200 x (.02-.20) = $4-40/day ($120-1200/month)

3.) 500 articles:

This is the most challenging, but most profitable. There is no reason that you cannot do it! If you can write 200 solid articles, you can write 500! The reason why there is so much potential is that you have the perfect mix of quality and quantity. If you think about it, you are going to have at least 10 articles making $1/day, minimum. So, potentially: 500 x (.02-.20) = $10-100/day ($300-3000/month).

4.) 1,000 articles:
Yes, a daunting task... but if you would rather spend more time writing than promoting, then this is possible. Just to give you an idea: 1000 x .02 = $20/day ($600/month). Now, realistically if you have written 1,000 quality articles, then you are bound to have at least 10 articles(that's 1% of all your articles) earning at least a $1/day. So, it would be realistic to make $30/day ($900/month).

5.) 2,000 articles:
Just for fun, let's say you write on topics that are humorous, and the reader knows they are not going to expect something completely serious. Obviously, trying to write 2,000 articles would take some time, but if you can write short, sweet articles... it is 'possible'. This method is emphasis of quantity over quality. Even more, with 2,000 articles, you are bound to have someone read/click ads. 2000 x .02 = $40/day ($1200/month)

To make some conclusions, you have to sit down and decide what path you want to take: Focus on quality articles or quality promoting. Now, I'm not saying to not create quality work, but it's difficult to focus extra time to ensuring the highest quality possible. As well, promoting can be simple if you know the effective resources and sites (this will be discussed in future posts).

So, take some time to digest what just went on above. It's really simple in text, but remember that numbers is 1% of the process, taking action is the next 99%. Do not focus too much on numbers, rather spend a couple minutes on a Sunday (or whatever is your free day) to make some updates to your goals.

Until next time,

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New year, New Writing Goals

This post is inspired from an eHow forum discussion, focused on stating New Year 2009 goals for eHow.

These are my personal goals:
1.) Have written 1,000 articles by end of the 2009 years.
2.) Make a $1,000 month by March ( I got 3 months to give that done, oh boy!)
3.) Make eHow writing a steady income, thus making it a full-time job.

So, please feel free to share your goals, ideas, etc. :)

I will try and make some little sidebar item that can be a little progress report as well, if anyone knows how to make this, let me know PLEASE!

SO, happy new year and hope 2009 is better than 2008!