Saturday, January 10, 2009

eHowlity: 4 Make the Most from Writing for eHow

I don't want to speak as a 'Say all, Be all' type... but I noticed that numerous eHowers are in need of some guidance. Whether you have been on eHow a year more than myself, or just created your account tonight, be sure to take these notes, and make something from it.

I have found that eHow and I are partners to love/hate relationship. eHow is awesome for potential income (I still refuse to use any other article websites), and I write as many quality articles as possible, with an occassional humorous how-to here and there. However, I go to check my stats, and find that nothing gets updated. So, I get mad at eHow, and start living my life... and THEN, eHow teases me back by giving me some updated earnings.

While I am certain that this accounts for 99% of other eHowers... everyone handles the situation differently.

Here are some pointers for all of us eHow writer's:

1.) Worry/focus more on writing than earning. Check your views, $ earned, and all those other stats once AND ONLY ONCE a day. If the stats aren't updated, then check tomorrow.
2.) Write about what you enjoy, NOT about what will EARN MORE. I learned this lesson when I wrote freelance for some website... I wrote hundreds of content articles on topics I wasn't familiar with, but knew the money would be good. The result? I got burned out, and was happy when I ended my contract.
3.) Read other writer's work. Yes, reading helps you out too. It's amazing that somehow writer's have stopped reading all the sudden, as if reading another eHower's how to's will hurt your earnings? Reading enlightens you with what works, what doens't work, and how you can adapt your writing style.

So, hope these tips help you out... and remember that it's all about enjoying what you do! It's almost like karma, if you love what you do, it will love you back :) As well, if you read other's work, others will read your work.

Stay warm,

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