Tuesday, January 6, 2009

eHowlity: 3 - Getting Over the Hurdles

You can imply from the title where I am going to venture into :)

Lately, eHow has provided some challenges for all of us writers... whether it be the delays in earning or views, or recommendations disappearing, it can be frustrating.

*Writers new AND old pay attention!*
No matter what, do not focus on the stressors and setbacks!! You have to understand that this is just something that happens. What is the true task that you need to focus on is the the writing itself! Too many people have a minor setback, but turn it into a MAJOR setback!

Focusing on these negativity only will fire back at you! Think about it, you keep on refreshing and venting about how you cannot get your views fixed (I know, for I have done this before)... next thing you know you go on the forum to vent, and about 10 minutes later you accomplished nothing... and most likely you are still angry.

WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE: Tell yourself "no worry, eHow will eventually fix this problem, I better just start writing on my articles until the situation is settled."

So, let's say you found your views have been frozen since last year *cough, cough* ...you know what you do? You overlook it! Yes, it is incredibly helpful to physically see an increase in views. However, in writing reality... does it matter? Just simply tell yourself "Now I don't have to waste my time seeing what my views are... let's start writing self!"

I really do not want to say this, but it is SO true: YOU ARE YOUR BIGGEST HURDLE!

On that note, stay focused and keep writing! Setbacks happen to us all, everyday. It is up to you to choose the right action.

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