Friday, January 16, 2009

eHow Landmarks: Inspiritation to all eHow Writers

This past week has come with blistering, mind-numbing chills (it seems that January is the new December, at least for Pennsylvania). However, along with the cold, cold winter came some announcements from eHow writers, with landmarks that will warm up anyone's spirits!

While I'd love to mention the numerous eHow writers who have written 100 articles, or passed their $100 or 200 goals indivudually, this blog would be longer than a phone book :)

However, the following is an amazing feat that does indeed need great recognition:

Jerrie Dean, an eHow writer since 2007, has written over 450 (465 last time I checked) articles. Recently, Jerrie stated a true milestone of passing... 1,001,999 views!!!

This has generated quite a buzz in the eHow forums, and it has certainly brought a reality check to all of us eHow writers: beyond the earnings, beyond the statistics, beyond the hard work... people READ eHow articles. EHOW IS REAL. Even more, the goals you want to reach through eHow is indeed possible!

Understanding that over one million people have read one, single writer's work is something to behold! I had the pleasure of chatting with Jerrie, wanting to get to understand this amazing feat a little bit better:

Me: What motivates you to write?

Jerrie: I have always been a writer since I was a kid. I never have been much of a talker, so being able to write gives me an outlet. It is so much easier for me to type out a paragraph than it is for me to think of small talk. I am also able to be creative with words and I love words and am humbled by how a paragraph can make someone laugh or cry. Plus, I love to teach piano and I basically just love to help other's learn, and I am able to do that online and reach thousands of people. That's motivation right there for me. I think most any successful eHower is a teacher at heart.

Me: Personally, why do you think you reached 1,000,000... something that I'm guessing no one has achieved?

Jerrie: I don't believe I am the first to reach one million views, but I can tell you that I believe it was a combination of many things. I consistently wrote 5 times a week, at least one if not two articles a day for over a year. I participated in the forums and commented on other's articles. I made sure that my articles were well written and informative and not just something I put out there to make a quick buck. I continuely try to stay ahead of the curve on current topics which I believe helped me to get noticed by the media and would get me on the top 10 eHow list, all which helped me dramatically with my views.

So, again I love bringing news, inspiration and motivation to all of us eHow writers... and while the journey of writing, whether it be pen and paper or internet based, professional contract or freelance liesure, writing is a carousel... going round and round, up and down.

Just remind yourself every now and then of why you got on the carousel, for the enjoyment of the ride.

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