Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Quick eHow Experience Update

First off, I must say thank you to all of my new readers, since I know that 99.99% of you are from eHow itself... this is the best support I could have for this particular blog! Why? ...because this blog is purposed for YOU!!! :) So, thank you so much for this support, comments, praise, etc. I am certainly going to keep focus on this blog.... whether it makes nothing or thousands of dollars, sharing my experience on eHow with you is priceless ( that was rather Hallmark-esque).

Anyways, I just wanted to give a little progress report on my eHow success and experience:

Well, it's been almost seven full days into the new year... so technically it is by default a full week in my eyes :P So how have I been doing? The best way to dscribe my progress, here is a comprison from 12/31/08, and then today's (1/7/09):

Articles Written: 56
Article Views: 2,397
Earnings in December $20.46


Articles Written: 85

Article Views: 2,397
Earnings in January $2.57

*Those views haven't been updated since the 8th Grade Picnik... so I am sure my views are WAY HIGHER. as you can see, I increased my articles by almost 30. As well, my daily earning average dropped a good bit, mainly because I had a New Year's article that was my main earner. As well, I should state that I have a TON of articles in draft (almost 200 to be exact). I know that this is not a good thing, for I should just work one article at a time, then get it into Google/eHow system ASAP to maximize earning... but I am wanting to make the most quality out of each article, and would sacrifice a few pennies now to make a few dollars later. :) (I think I'm going to quote that from now on!)

I am still being optimistic, in that I know the eHow earnings takes time... but I have high expectations for myself. I want to make $10/day... at the least. No matter what I earn, I will have to keep writing solid articles, and just let them run its course. I guess I could do some marketing for them, but that's not in my philosophy right now.

So, outside of eHow, I have been launching some new stuff. I am always looking to start some new ideas, for life is always about new things and experiencing as much as possible, right? :) (it is BRAND NEW, so don't be alarmed if you absolutely nothing on it)

I am always using my philosophy background to test new ideas, and I want to see how people will act on a humanitarian level right now, in the current economic struggles we all face. While I know that we all range in incomes, many people still keep giving, no matter what! So, The Donate Experiment will be my project, form which I ask for donations of nothing more than $1.00 (USD) *Though, if you REALLY want to donate more, then be my guest :) However, I want to see how this project will result... and I will announce daily progress reports of the experiment, so everyone can see what is going on. As well, the more success, by more donations, I receive, the more possibilities will open up on the blog.

Sounds interesting? I think so, and look forward to seeing what will happen! :)

Success or failure, it's going to open some eyes to us all.

Again visit the link above, or here (

So, thanks again for the support, and hope you will find interest in the new project!


ps- Check out the Latest eHow Spotlight! :)

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