Thursday, January 15, 2009

eHowlity: 4 - The Official Jeff Beer Article Program

I decided to share my eHow process with others, whether you want to adopt or adapt my system is absolutely fine! After all, every writer has their own preferences... however I find that the more you stick with the program, the better off you will be.

So, it's my pleasure to announce The Official Jeff Beer Article Program!

The JBAP is going to take you through steps towards the goal of maximizing your earning potential from your work. As writers, our success is based on efficiency and effectiveness in your output. However, many people find themselves in dilemmas, and that lack of experience, understanding, or GUIDANCE is the reason for failure.

Since this is the first JBAP, I'm going to simply break down what the future JBAP sessions will look like:

1.) Getting started, and getting over the first hurdles.
2.) The Creative Process: How to Balance Fun with Work
3.) Write from your heart, and from your brain!
4.) Focus, focus, focus! (How to write 100 articles per month. NO EXCUSES!)
5.) Marketing your Work: Articles that sell themselves.
6.) Managing your Writing Career & the Synergistic Process
7.) Beyond eHow

So, as you see, there will be 7 sessions, and each one will be certainly a must-read for any writer! To conclude the First JBAP, I want every writer to take 5 minutes, and with a pen and 3 pieces of paper, make 3 lists (if you haven't figured it out yet, I love lists :D).
- List One, write all the things that you want to achieve... that's right, EVERY GOAL, DREAM, ACCOMPLISHMENT you want at this moment.
- List Two, write everything that holds you back from accomplishing these GOAL, DREAM, ACCOMPLISHMENT, etc.
- List Three, have SOMEONE ELSE write a list of your Strengths & Weaknesses.

Do your Homework, and have it ready for Session 1!


bdc.blogs said...

Jeff - You've sparked my interest. I'll be tracking this program. Nice blog.


Jeff Beer said...

Thanks bdc.blogs! I really am humbled that you are interested, and be sure to let everyone else know about the JBAP sessions :)

Hope this becomes a useful tool for yourself, and others :p