Saturday, January 3, 2009

eHowlity: 2

This post is going to play the numbers game for those eHowers that are trying to set some new 2009 goals. The calculations to follow will be based on three main factors: number of articles written, daily earning, and earning for article.

Just before we begin, the average click from ads on eHow articles will vary, but I have noticed at least $.02/clicked ad... and thus that will serve as our minimum standard with the calculations. (If you have different stats on $/clicked ad, then feel free to use those numbers)

1.) 100 articles:
This is the most realistic out of all possibilities, but actually requires the most work. Why is that? For you need to make certainty that each article is being viewed to as many people as possible. As well, you want these articles to have the best possible keywords, tags, etc. So, if you do write and promote well enough, you could make minimum 100 x .02 = $2/day ($60/month) ... I know, that's not much for all the effort, but if you did the promoting, and highest possible quality articles, then you could expect to see at least $.20 per article. 100 x .20 = $20/day ($600/month). That look's a lot more enticing, and worth your time.

2.) 200 articles:
Again, a realistic possibility, but you need to need to still focus on solid promoting. So, let's say you are a hard-worker, follow the same method as you did with the first 100 articles. 200 x (.02-.20) = $4-40/day ($120-1200/month)

3.) 500 articles:

This is the most challenging, but most profitable. There is no reason that you cannot do it! If you can write 200 solid articles, you can write 500! The reason why there is so much potential is that you have the perfect mix of quality and quantity. If you think about it, you are going to have at least 10 articles making $1/day, minimum. So, potentially: 500 x (.02-.20) = $10-100/day ($300-3000/month).

4.) 1,000 articles:
Yes, a daunting task... but if you would rather spend more time writing than promoting, then this is possible. Just to give you an idea: 1000 x .02 = $20/day ($600/month). Now, realistically if you have written 1,000 quality articles, then you are bound to have at least 10 articles(that's 1% of all your articles) earning at least a $1/day. So, it would be realistic to make $30/day ($900/month).

5.) 2,000 articles:
Just for fun, let's say you write on topics that are humorous, and the reader knows they are not going to expect something completely serious. Obviously, trying to write 2,000 articles would take some time, but if you can write short, sweet articles... it is 'possible'. This method is emphasis of quantity over quality. Even more, with 2,000 articles, you are bound to have someone read/click ads. 2000 x .02 = $40/day ($1200/month)

To make some conclusions, you have to sit down and decide what path you want to take: Focus on quality articles or quality promoting. Now, I'm not saying to not create quality work, but it's difficult to focus extra time to ensuring the highest quality possible. As well, promoting can be simple if you know the effective resources and sites (this will be discussed in future posts).

So, take some time to digest what just went on above. It's really simple in text, but remember that numbers is 1% of the process, taking action is the next 99%. Do not focus too much on numbers, rather spend a couple minutes on a Sunday (or whatever is your free day) to make some updates to your goals.

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Maria said...

I do very little article promotion. I highly recommend writing quality content and most of all, original titles not already on eHow. With 220 eHow articles, I earned $1,600 in October 2008 ... I think that's on the high side, but I hope it helps motivate others!

Jeff Beer said...

Great insight Maira!
You are indeed an inspiration to us all, both on and off eHow!!! :)

I am definitely hoping to create 300, well written, original articles.

Thanks again Maria!