Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Things To Come

Hey everyone, I'm wanting to spread the word to my readers that I'm going to start doing a little eHow Update. While ideally I would do this daily, it will be at least weekly. As well, I am looking to take on the questions that anyone may have regarding eHow, general freelance writing, or working from home questions. Even off topic questions would be welcomed.

Just email your questions to mr.jeffbeer@gmail.com OR comment below ;)

As well, I am thinking of doing reviews on the things you want to know more about -- so whether it's a website, business, freelance writer, product, ebook, etc., shout it out to me and I'll give you THE MOST HONEST REVIEW! I'm sure you all have seen tons of eBooks that you are tempted to buy, but never do because you don't want to waste your money -- well let me do that FOR YOU! :)

Thanks again for checking out The How-to World (2.0) -- I'm looking to take charge of this blog, so I need your input, questions, etc.!

Back to Basics - Writing Style

*Dusts off the cob-webs*

It's been a long, long... long time since I posted anything here in The How-to World, but I figured since I've finally have crawled back into eHow.com, I figured might as well start back at this blogging gig.

So, I really don't know where to begin but by stating that I have been earning with eHow, and I am so thankful for finding this awesome site. It has been a significant source of income, but at the time I know there is much further potential to earn more!

I never considered myself a 'guru', 'expert', or 'veteran' to eHow.com, much less freelance writing, but as I took some time of in mid-late 2009 to soul-search, I realized that I am indeed all the above, to some degree.

I have been with eHow.com since November 2008, and I have been working through internet mediums since August 2005. So, if there is one thing that I am, that is experienced.

Successful? Not completely.
Made millions online? Not even close (just a couple thousand).

However, it's been my goal to make 2010 a defining year for myself, in both personal and professional matters. And that is where I have coined this particular pose as getting 'Back to Basics - Writing Style'.

I sort of lost touch with those things that I was passionate about (freelance writing & eHow being one of them). However, I am determined to get back to where I belong, and truly make the success I know I am capable of.

So, hope you stick around, as I definitely plan on staying right here!