Sunday, January 4, 2009

How I will make money from eHow... and so can you!

These last couple of days have been a mixture of both work and goal-setting. ...I'll admit, maybe I have been thinking a bit more than taking action, but I have found so much new and wonderful information, that I just have been amazed and excited to learn!

I have been reading and learning so much from these blogs by eHow writers: (ehow member: TheWriteGuy) (ehow member: WriterGig) (ehow member: Christen Henderson)

...there are a ton of useful, interesting blogs based from other eHowers, but the above are by far the best! :)
Writergig and WriteGuy is incredibly insightful, and I am using these two blogs as guides to my success. Christen's blog brings a sense a personality from her blog; something that I think this blog does too!

Anyways, I have been trying to launch several projects, eager to get 2009 rolling. There's so much to do, but so little time... and I will have to be sure to stay focused, organized, and stick to a schedule.

On a little note, I am a bit bummed out, because my earnings have fallen down a bit. The reason for this is that I was lucky enough to have had How to Make New Year's Eve Party Food make me almost a dollar a day, in fact it made me $7 one day, and $10 another! Now, the article has run it's course (for now, hopefully) and the earnings have been a couple pennies.

Nonetheless, I am happy that this happened in a way, because I know that I cannot depend on simply one article... and that old fashioned moral to NEVER TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED rang through again today!

Feel free to share your blog, or say whatever is on your mind!


Maria said...

Jeff, thanks for the link love! About your New Year's article, you should expect it to do even better next year, as it will have been properly indexed for some time by then.

Jeff Beer said...

Anytime Maria! You are an inspiration to us all! I definitely look to you for ideas and guidance... and am pretty sure that I am not the only one :)