Monday, January 5, 2009

Ehow Spotlight!

Today's eHow Spotlight is...


If you're the copy/paste type of person:

*Click to view her eHow profile!*
My personal favorite How-To article is: How to Make 2009 your Best Year Ever and How to Show Love to your Wife ...they are newer articles, but great ones nonetheless!

An incredibly talented writer, she has such a friendly personality. It is a treat to read anything she puts on the forums, and I am certain I am not the only ehower to praise about this wonderful writer! :)

I am certain that if you haven't met Kathy on eHow, you are missing out on some great articles, and probably a good forum conversation as well.

Again, go check out her work via the link above.

You want to be the next eHow Spotlight? Just be you, and if you catch my eye... well you get the idea ;)

Until next time!


Julie said...

How generous of you to highlight other writers, Jeff. I agree, Kathy is a great eHow-er.

Jeff Beer said...

Thanks for the kind words! This spotlight is going to be great for all eHow writers :)