Tuesday, January 6, 2009

eHow Spotlight 2

The second eHow spotlight goes to:

Christen Henderson!!!

Christen has the qualities for a very successful eHow writer! What amazes me (which helped her seal the deal to get the Spotlight) is that she can produce articles in quality AND quantity!

Some of my favorite articles of Christen's:

How to Take Control Of Your Life (brand new article, but AWESOME!!!)

How to Produce Quality Articles Faster (another must read article)

How to Advertise your Article For More Views (this is an article that all eHow writers should use! Simply written, but very effective)

I have personally chatted with Christen here and there, and it's always fun and interesting. Not to be rude, but I have a feeling that she will be (if not already) a top earner on eHow. With over a hundred quality articles, it would not surprise me.
So, go check out Christen and see why she deserves some spotlight :)



Christen said...

Thanks for posting my stuff. That's cool, I didn't know anyone actually paid attention to my stuff.


Jeff Beer said...

You're so very welcome Christen!! :)
From one eHower to another, great work... and keep it up!