Friday, January 30, 2009

Wrap-up of January 2009

Good morning to all! I hope that January has been a warm welcome during this cold month. As it seems that 2009 is going full-speed, I felt that I have had an unusually large amount of down-time... something I haven't truly had in years. While I was working hard on eHow and my freelance writin, this down-time has allowed me to get back into my creative self, and with that I have accumulated numerous great ideas that I am certainly excited to announce in the near future! Some being career-related, and others being more artistic hobbies... but nonetheless January has been a great time to think, wonder, and meditate (it is safe to say that coffee also played a vital role as well).

But now I want to focus this bit towards my 'eHow' goals. Here is what my goals were back on New Year's Day:

1.) Have written 1,000 articles by end of the 2009 years.
2.) Make a $1,000 month by March ( I got 3 months to give that done, oh boy!)
3.) Make eHow writing a steady income, thus making it a full-time job.

So, how is the progress? Not sure, I must say. I have passed the '100 article' mlestone... and while I wanted to announce it in the eHow forum, I decided not to. Why is this? Simply because I knew I could (well, should) have had those 100 articles written back in December. As well, I noticed that everyone and their mother (this can be both figuratively OR actually :P) announces their milestones, so I feel it has become a bit mundain.

Even more, I am a bit inconclusive in my progress report because my earnings are lower than Decembers (I still have a day or two to match or beat Dec.'s earnings... so keep your fingers crossed!)
Another bit of a bummer is the eHow's management lack of consistency in updates. Don't get me wrong I understand how much of a PAIN that is... but it has tested my patience for sure. Hopefully February will be a kinder month in that regard. :)

So, going into the new year, I may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew... but I have a big mouth, and an even bigger appetite... so I'm not going to back down from the challenge. Almost majority of my articles are over a month old, so I am looking forward to seeing this 'ripening' effect that all the veteran eHowers talk about.

Overall, I must say that eHow IS a full-time job, no matter what my earnings are, I can always depend on eHow to bring me success, month after month... I hope eHow does the same for you!


p.s.- I am going to start a little program for interested writers on this blog in February! It is going to tackle all the questions that I have found throughout my time as an eHow writer, but I will also get into discussions covering freelance writing to keyword research to marketing to working on the internet in general! So, please keep reading the How To World blog... I am deeply humbled by your support!


Cheap Cindy said...

Well congrats on your 100 articles - you beat me! I am at 83 articles. You have set your sites pretty high at 1000 articles by the end of 2009. My goal is only 500.

Keep up the good work see, ya around the ehow world!

Jeff Beer said...

Thanks Cindy :)
Ya, to be honest, my goals article-wise was to have 10 written every day... but I picked up some freelance gigs, so the story changed a bit haha.

I was at an '83' plateau myself early in Jan. Hope you find success in your 500 goal!

Tonya said...

Hello fellow Ehow writer! I am so thrilled at your 100th! I have many to go before that. I would love for your to have a spot on here for questions about ehow...cause I am already wanting to pic your brain! My friend and I tried this and are doing the opposite of each other. She has 300 "friends" I have 87...and so forth. We just can't seem to figure out the "system" in which it all works, why recommended numbers go down...why some articles are viewed over 300 times and it makes no money. Will definately be following your blog.

W8tn4him on ehow

Jeff Beer said...

Thanks Tonya! I love your support, and I will definitely am going to take your questions and apply them into a posts :)

eHow is a bit mysterious, but I'll shed some light to these subjects :)

Thanks again!

Maude Cat said...

I came across your blog through a comment on Smart Passive Income. I'd like to follow it more closely, but I have too many bookmarks, and I don't want to add yet another social service to my list. It would be a lot easier if you had an RSS feed link on your page.

If you are interested in adding RSS or Atom feeds, Blogger lets you do this pretty easily. (Although to make the feed available to more than just Google, you have to then set up their Feedburner option.)

SPhilbrick said...

Hey there...... I was just out googling myself, lol, (to find plagiarism of course!) when I stumbled back upon your blog. I clicked to follow you so I could watch your eHow progress more closely ! Thanks again for spotlighting me awhile back, and congrats on 100+! I would add that posting milestones in forum, though done a LOT by everyone, is still advantageous. It provides MOTIVATION, so never consider it "mundane" ! :-)

Jeff Beer said...

@ maude Cat: Thanks so much for your support! ...I've been meaning to get this blgo a bit more professional, I hoenstly didn't expect this blog to be having such success! :D

As for Smart Passive Income, Pat's a great guy, I highly suggest everyone check him out! Anyways, I'll be sure to get to work on editing this blog out. I can't thank you all enough for the support.

Jeff Beer said...

@Shirley: Thanks so much! I love your support, it's so very humbling, and that is why I'm very happy to 'spotlight' yourself! :D You're a great person and writer, and even more I hope you stay tuned to the future projects that are almost underway on here!