Thursday, February 19, 2009

Attention All Writers!!!

There is an awesome website in the works as we speak. Whether you are just starting your writing career, or an established 10+ year veteran, we got the site for you!

Only interested in writing for eHow or AC, or perhaps you are starting a novel or eBook? No matter who you are, we are looking for you!

The site? WritersHall! (
It's going to be full of all great resources, and if WritersHall is purposed to help further everyone's career in the writing world! From Online Freelance to Paperback Publishing... WritersHall will tackle every possible subject.

So, we are hoping you are as excited as we are here at WritersHall... cause it's really going to be a blast, while at the same time enhancing everyone's success in their writing careers!

So again, check out for the updates and progress will be in its 'infant stage', so we hope you can take it in, and make it a part of your writing career family :)


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