Tuesday, December 23, 2008

eHowlity: 1

This is the first edition, to what will be of many more installments, of eHow and how to make the most out of it. Whether you are looking to increase your earnings or wanting to use eHow as a resource for other opportunities, this will be the place to get excellent information on the whole spectrum.

Today's initial launch/installment is dedicated to starting out eHow. I have personally received countless emails/messages, asking for tips on the whole eHow experience... not to include the several other forum discussions on eHow itself. As I am faily new to writing on eHow itself, I wrote through DemandStudios, which placed my content onto the website. So, I feel that I am a newbie/veteran combo :)

Anyways, of all the questions I have received, the most prominent is "How do I get started [making money through eHow articles]?"

This is pretty broad, yet can be answered with short details. To get started on eHow, you should not be on eHow at all. Instead, sit down where you can focus for at least ten minutes. During this time make two lists on a sheet of paper (or separate, if you wish). List One are all of the topics/ideas/subjects that you are knowledgeable in. For example, this could be art, making websites, auto work, etc. Anything under the sun works here.

Keep in mind these tips while creating list one:
- Be as detailed as possible(if possible): Instead of saying art, say modeling clay.
- Be honest: if you know you are not good at something, but want to do it because you think you will make money from it, do not do it... there are several reasons, but will be discussed later.

Now create your second list, which has keywords that you want to learn AND keywords that are found to be popular.

Keep in mind these notes while creating list two:
- Use keyword tools, such as Googel Adwords for guidance.
- Do not make the topics you want to list is too unrealistic. It is great to learn new things, but do not take so much time to studying and researching that you lose time that could be dedicated to writing.

Wow, this was a long post... so I'll continue this discussion on next post! :)
Please, give some comments and questions!


Richard said...

Wow. We're honored that you took the time to create a blog just about eHow. Appreciate it and keep up the good work. Next year will be bigger and better on eHow :)

eHow, Community Manager

Jeff Beer said...

Thanks Richard! It is an absolute honor to have your praise and kind words.